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Campus Canteens and more information

Campus Canteens

There are not only Chinese restaurants on campus, but also Muslim restaurant specially for Muslim students.

Location: Chaohu Fang, 2nd floor, Campus Canteen

Open time: 6:30am to 22:00pm

Besides Chinese and Musilim restaurants, there are also some other different restaurants available around the campus.

Chinese Time Zone

Hefei takes Beijing Standard Time which is 8 hours earlier than the Greenwich Mean Time. Daylight Saving Time is NOT practiced in China.

Electric Voltage

The voltage for daily use in China is 220V, so please prepare adapter if necessary.

Hefei Weather

Hefei has a warm humid temperate climate with hot summers and no dry season.  Over the course of a year, the temperature typically variesfrom -1°C to 33°C and is rarely below -5°C or above 36°C.

To check Hefei's weather, please visit either of the following webiste



Shopping Stores

Out western gate of Anhui Medical and turn right, go throught overbridge, you can find Carrefour shopping stores.there are also    some shopping stores where you can buy daily supplies inside campus


Shopping Stores inside campus