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Passport, Visa and Residence Permit

Foreigners who lodge in China must have a valid passport,visa or residence permit.When you come to China to study,you must apply for an X visa.Foreigners holding X visa,must get residence permits within 30 days of entry from Hefei Exit-Entry Department of the Public Security Bureau.Otherwise it is illegal to stay in China.Before your passport,visa/residence permit expires,you must extend them, or it is against the law to live in China.Any violation of the law will lead to punishment, varying from a fine, detention for investigation to repatriation. Therefore you must keep an eye on your passport and residence permit to avoid being overdue.

The department that conducts administration of foreigners is Exit-Entry Department of the Public Security Bureau.Your teacher in charge will help the newcomers to perform all the necessary procedures for the first time.In the following years the students need to go there and extend their visa/residence permit each year by themselves.Remember to go to your teacher first to make an appointment with the Exit—Entry Department at least two weeks before your visa/residence permit expires.

a.Take good care of your passport for it is the most important certificate of your status.
b.Consult your teacher if you have any problems about your passport or visa.

c.Photocopy some important information and take good care of them.