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Affiliated Hospital of AHMU

The First Affiliated Hospital

The first affiliated hospital of Anhui Medical University is the provincial largest comprehensive teaching hospital, which regards medical care, teaching, research, prevention, recovery and first aid as a whole.

The hospital has 2800 beds, 41 clinical departments, 19 medical technology departments and 26 clinical teaching research centers. Annual outpatient amount is over than 2.35 million, annual inpatient amount is over than 113 thousand, annual operation is over than 41 thousand times, annual teaching load is about 17 thousand class hours and annual amount of internship and advanced training doctors is over one thousand.

The hospital is the first-rate discipline authorization point of doctorate clinical medicine, education unit for doctorate clinical medicine. Master degree covers all clinical departments. The hospital has 1 national key discipline, 7 national key clinical specialty, 6 provincial key disciplines, and 25 other key disciplines. the hospital also have national and provincial experimental bases.

The hospital has more than 51 doctor tutors, 660 experts, 200 doctor students and 380 masters. More than 120 people enjoy state council and provincial government special bonus, 60 people take in charge of provincial or above level’s medical academic group, 7 people have been selected national “Talents Project”, 6 people were awarded “Youths experts with outstanding contributions”, Over than 100 departmental or provincial or above level’s cross-century leaders and core teachers of academic technology. The talents power is No.1 among medical institutes in Anhui province.

The hospital insists strategy of prospering by science and technology, and made continuous breakthroughs in technological level, the genetic research of psoriasis and lupus erythematosus (sle) gene research are in global advanced level, and some specialty technology like allogeneic liver transplant, autologous stem cell transplantation, allogeneic stem cell transplant and so on are in national advanced level. The hospital has rich experience in field of integrative Chinese and western medicine, is in provincial leading position.

In recent years, our hospital undertakes over 200 research projects such as national 863 Plan and 973 Plan, Natural Science Foundation of China, Natural Science Foundation of Anhui and so on, more than 55 ones won provincial or above level’s awards, one of which won second prize of technology progress, and another of which won first prize of Natural Science of Ministry of Education, and won Chinese Medicine Science and Technology first prizes two years in a row. The hospital publishes 11 hundred academic papers every year, over 120 of which were included in SCI, edits and gets involved to edit over 20 national planning teaching materials, and published 5 kinds of magazines home and abroad. Our hospital established lose research cooperation with America, Holland, German, Japan, Hong Kong and so on.

The Second Affiliated Hospital

The second affiliated hospital Anhui Medical University is a non-benefit and modernized first-class ternary teaching hospital, which regards medical care, teaching, research, prevention, health care and recovery as a whole, it has 1600 beds. Located Hefei economic and technological development zone, the hospital covers an area of 13.37 hectares, total construction area of 170 thousand square meters, it has parking lot with 1000 parking space.

The hospital has 1400 working staffs, 130 of which have senior professional title and 10 of which are doctorate tutors. We have domestic and foreign experts well known in fields of tumor, heart, gynecology, pediatrics and so on, and we have strong medical care power. Our medical instruments are provincial and national first class.

5 years after it opened, 13 projects of our hospital won Natural Science Foundation of China; we set up 36 clinical and medicine disciplines, 21 clinical teaching and education sections. Now the hospital has 1 Anhui Province’s “the 12th Five-Year Plan” key specialty of clinical medicine, 3 Anhui Provincial “the 12th Five-Year Plan” key training specialties of clinical medicine, 4 university-level key disciplines of Anhui Medical University and 6 college-level key disciplines. So far our hospital undertakes 172 scientific research subjects, 10 of which are national ones, 81 of which are provincial and departmental ones. For 5 years, our hospital published 705 papers in total, including 43 magazines, 150 Chinese journals and 28 SCI essays

The 4th Affiliated Hospital

The 4th affiliated hospital of Anhui Medical University was founded in 1985, through over 50 year’s continuous exploration and accumulation, generations hardworking, it had become comprehensive hospital that regards medical care, teaching, prevention and health care as one. Now the hospital has 481 working staffs, including 2 doctorate tutors, 5 master’s tutors, 5 doctors, 112 masters, 7 senior titles and 33 associate senior titles; And set up 23 clinical departments, 5 medical technology departments and 300 beds.

Recent years, our hospital funded to by advanced medical instruments, 40 rows 16 layers spiral CT, world first class Siemens superconducting magnetic resonance imaging (mri) system, advanced STORZ, Stryker display systems and laparscope, resectoscopes, computer X ray imaging system, digital stomach machine, color diasonograph, automatic analysis instruments and so on medium and large size machines. The new out-patient department and part of inpatient areas provides good hospital environment for patient.

Affiliated Stomatological Hospital

Stomatological Hospital of Anhui Medical University is the provincial key stomatology education base for stomatology talents

training. the department was founded in 1984 and the got approval of enrolling stomatology majored undergraduates, in 2000, the school of Dental Medicine was founded. So far, it set up 1 undergraduate stomatology programs, enrolling 60 students per year. In 2000, the hospital won right to confer master degree of clinical stomatology, jointly enroll graduates with Hefei Material Science Research Institute of China Academy Society. In 2008, clinical stomatology was selected provincial key subject. In 2009, the hospital is authorized to award master’s degree. The clinical stomatology is undergraduate program that enroll undergraduates for the first time, there have been 1268 student, and there are 968 graduates and 300 current students. the graduates undertake teaching, research and medical work in universities, research institutes and medical institutes home and abroad.

School of Stomatology sets up 6 teaching research offices and 2 research institutes for Oral Anatomy and Physiology, Oral Histology and Pathology, Scientific oral, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Prosthetic Orthodontic and Public Health Dentistry. Now the school has 68 teaching staffs, 54 full time teachers and 2 senior experimentalists.

School of Stomatology is attached unit of Anhui province prosthetic orthodontic and repair technology committee, deputy committee unite of Maxillofacial Trauma of Association Of Rehabilitation Medicine of Anhui Province. It developed research cooperation with School of Dentistry of Hong Kong University, Chung Shan Medical University, American, Columbia University and so on. The school undertakes 10 Natural Science Foundation projects, 4 provincial technology projects and 50 other research projects, and published over 20 academic monographs, won over 10 national and provincial research awards. In recent 5 years, School of Stomatology published over 300 articles, 30 of which were SCI articles