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International Students in Our University Joined “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Language Proficiency Competition


Few months ago, the 6th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Language Proficiency Competition” Hefei division took place at Anhui Agriculture University, 11countries’ 21 international students in 8 universities in Anhui province joined the competition. Little Yong, the Grade 2010 international student attended the competition on behalf of our university.

Beforethe competition, Little Yong was given special Chinese language training and talents training. During the competition, he was the first one on the stage and won whole audiences’ applause with pure Hefei words. After then, his skillful Allegro performance, humorous lyrics and the right medley of songs won the judges’praise, and successfully get promoted to join the finals

It is reported that the CCTV “Chinese Bridge” Chinese language proficiencycompetition is co-hosted by Confucius Institute headquarters and China Hanban,and was undertaken by CCTV International's Chinese Channel. The contests are non-Chinese speaking international students; the competition is divided in to theprimary and the final.

The competition is a moment for international students to learnChinese culture and experience Chinese customs, not only does it promote the communication and influence of Chinese culture in the world, but also an examination on international students’ Chinese language proficiency in our university and the culture education in China.