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Notice about Traffic Safety on Campus


Dear all:

As our university is developing by leaps and bounds, the amount of various types of vehicles is increasing day by day, which results in the current complicated traffic condition on campus. What’s more, the insufficient space of the campus, narrow roads and increasing population density contribute to traffic jams on campus, especially during rush hours. Most residential buildings for teaching staff and the affiliated primary school being located inside the university, more vehicles are on the campus during peak hours. Engineering trucks for the projects under construction even worsen the current traffic condition. For all those reasons, the current traffic condition is becoming more and more challenging.

Therefore, each of you must keep traffic safety in mind and obey traffic rules. School of International Education made the following decision according to Law of The People's Republic of Chinaon Road Traffic Safety.

International students can use bikes and electric bikes on campus. You should stop your bike in the shed and register your electric bike in the Public Security Bureau. All kinds of motor vehicles are strictly prohibited on campus. You have to dispose your motor vehicles yourselves before December 8, otherwiseSchoolofInternational Educationand Security Department will jointly take measures.

Best regards.

School ofInternational Education,Anhui Medical University