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International students in Our University Made Impressive Achievement on Mount Huang International Mountaineering Meeting


Nov. 17th to 19th,international student’s team of school of international education went to Mount Huang to take part in the Anhui province’s international student’s culture study activity cum the 8th Mount Huang International MountaineeringMeeting. The activity was hosted by Ministry of Education of Anhui Province.

Morning on Sept. 18th,the 8th Mount Huang International Mountaineering Meeting raised thecurtain, there were 40 nations’ mount-climbing enthusiasts and 109 teams in 15provinces in China were attracted, totally 1360 people, the number of the teamsand people involved broke the historical record. The race of the competition was from the south gate to Yu Pin Lou scenic spot, 12 miles in total.

The international students moved hard on rough mountain track, took photos together on the top ofMount Huang, and experienced beauty of Anhui. Finally, the Indian students LittleJay and American students Guoer of our school team were ahead of hundreds foreign contestants, and won the first prize of Men group, the second prize of Women group.

During theculture study activity, international students went sightseeing at ancient dwellings in Huizhou, Xin’an River and Huashan mystery watt, and watched “Anhui Style and Culture” art performance. Though seeing and watching, theinternational students have profound understanding of human and culture environment, and highly praised beautiful nature in Anhui and history of the province.