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International Students Developed Dormitory Safety and Civilization Selection Activity


Recently, Grade 2010 and Grade2011 international students of School of International Education held class meeting themed on dormitory safety and civilization. Under the guidance ofinstructor, the students cement the university and college’s regulations on international student’s dormitory management.

As the differences in lifestyle and culture between international students from different countries, School of International Education insists onstrengthen supervising and management on dormitory safety and health. Since the beginning of this Autumn, we keep inspecting the dorms, wiping away thesecurity risk and instantly solving the problems found every week. Besides, the school select safe and civilized dorms according to the inspect results andgives awards for the purpose to enhance international to recognize the importance of dormitory safety and restrict their behaviors

During preparing stage of class meeting, the school drafted international housing contract, and through class meeting, the school explains to students that dormitory belongs to the university’s property, and they should obey all rules. The students all understand it and sign the contract, they all expressed that they will obey the rules and would be responsible for the safety and health inside and outside the dorm.

On the meeting, the dorms that are selected to be safe and civilized in November were awarded. The representatives and students who got the honor shared their experiencein maintaining comfortable and safe living environment.