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A Notice Regarding the Start of “LIU DONG ZHONG GUO---- the Sunshine Sports and Cultural Tour for International Students in China”


To enrich the international students’ cultural life, optimize the study environment, and improve the overall qualities of international students in AMU, our university decides to attend the activity of “LIU DONG ZHONG GUO----- the Sunshine Sports and Cultural Tour For International Students in China” sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Now the crucial matters related to the start of the activity are illustrated as follows:

Sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Education and undertaken by Federation of University Sports of China, the activity is organized and implemented by each province, autonomous region, municipality education department (education committee), colleges and universities.  The organizing committee for the competition will be set up and responsible for the organization and operation of the activity.

Activity contents:

All the international students from Chinese higher learning institutions or scientific research institutes can attend the competition.  The required competition items include orienteering, three vs three basketballs, and typical local sports in terms of individual or group. The optional items include athletic physique show individually or as a group (such as aerobics, hip-hop and lala dance etc. ), and talent show (musical instruments, vocality, folk arts, drama, folk dancing, etc.), meanwhile, corresponding with “the International Students View of China” DV collection activities. The whole activity consists of the following procedures: Campus auditions, competition in province and autonomous regions, training camp, competition in the 9 competing zones, finals, and the award ceremony. Meanwhile, the on-line communications will interact with the off-line activities to enhance the publicity of this activity via the mainstream media, new media as well as campus media.

Activity arrangements

Ranging from November, 2012 to July, 2013, the whole activity comprises three phases: basic-level selective trials, competition in the 9 competing zones, the finals. Representatives of the schools and intercollegiate teams are the main force of the competition. Every team comprises 10 students, among which, the ratio of male to female is one to one, and international students to Chinese students is 4 to 1. Aside from the outstanding talent, all the players are supposed to love Chinese culture and good at athletic sports and Chinese language. The essential competition projects include: (1) Orienteering (all the players are involved); (2) Three vs three basketballs (male’s team is separate from the female’s); (3) Athletic physique show (individual aerobics or group aerobics, lala dance, hip-hop etc.); (4) Personal optional talent show; (5) Typical local sports in terms of individual or group.

1.primary contests

Primary contests, from November 2012 to March 2013, are divided into two sections: contests at each university and contests in each region. Each university and region devises his competition plan by himself based on the basic items of the competition and submits it to the Championship organizers for approval and record. Those plans are considered as the important references of the topics and productions of the TV programs, which are supposed to involve such elements as Chinese history, geography and culture, etc. The top three teams will attain the qualifications for the subsequent Jouzhou ( the poetic name for China) competition.

2.Jouzhou competition

The Jouzhou competition has nine divisions, starting from March 2013 and ending in June 2013. See the details on divisions and assigned times in attachment.

The choice of the competition sites will follow the principle of “independent application, merit-based selection process, overall arrangement, stressed characteristics”. Taking the development of its overseas study project, the local cultural tradition and natural features into consideration, the education department in each province (autonomous region, municipality) can select the representative city (region) as the competition site, recommend it to the Championship organizer and devise  and submit the organizational plan based on the rules of the competition. The Championship organizer will make a comprehensive evaluation over those sites and choose nine cities (regions) as the sites for Jouzhou divisional competition.

In Jouzhou competition, the local experience and special activities will be designed to supplement the basic items, details will be given later. The top three of each division will attain the qualifications for the subsequent national competition.

3.the national competition

The national final competition will initially be held in Qingdao City of Shandong Province in June or July, 2013. The 27 groups which have passed Jiuzhou qualifying will attend the National final competition. The competition is classified into three parts and they are PE, talent show and Chinese culture competitions. The attendant who achieves the highest score will get the champion. The details of the competition will be shown afterwards.

The representatives from all the country will be invited to participate in the awarding ceremony and the winning units and individuals will be presented the award then.

4.the collection of DV works about " overseas students' views on China"

The organization committee, together with CCTV will hold the collection of DV works about " overseas students' views on China". The schedule of the collection will be informed afterward.

5. Awarding methods:

  • The national final competition will set up the Group Awards and Individual Awards. The groups and individuals who win the first three places will gain the cups and certificates. All the winning attendants will be awarded correspondingly and act as ambassadors for activities of "Overseas Students Traveling in China "and "Friendly PE Exchange." The universities and local educational administration that win the first two places will achieve the cups and certificates. The winner and runner-up will win the title of Chinese delegation volunteer of the 27th Kazan World University Games in Russia in 2013 as well as the opportunity of attending the WUG. The groups and individuals who have passed sectional and jiuzhou qualifying will gain the cups and certificates.

  • The players that participate in the routine training and complete the training mission required by the coach will be given cash subsidies by the school.

  • The school will provide free meals or quantified cash subsidies to the members that participate in the collective training or practice at weekends or holidays in addition to school cash subsidies .

  • The contestants will be awarded marks according to scholarship Evaluation Methods.

  • The school will give the corresponding rewards to the winners of the competition in the different levels.

  • The school will provide contestants with free clothing for training and competition.

  • Selected contestants, if quitting or not participating in the competition without permission, will be disqualified of the excellent student and scholarship of the year and should return the competition clothing and not participate in similar activities in the future.

  • Cash or food subsidies of the contestants will be issued after the end of the game by the school.