School of Life Science

The School of Life Science was established in July 2010.

In order to build a first-class life science institution in research and teaching, the school adheres to coordinated development in the size, structure, quality, and efficiency, continuously improving the system construction and rapidly increasing the level of research and teaching. The school aims at building an institute of high level in research and teaching by practicing the motto of our university “Diligent and enterprising; Competent and righteous”, adhering to the educational principle “motherland, and dedication and love” and promoting the academic atmosphere of “seeking for the truth, perfection and innovation”.

The school consists of Departments of Biology, Biological Engineering, Physics, and Biomedical Engineering.

It has two undergraduate programs, biotechnology and biomedical engineering, of which biotechnology is the characteristic program in Anhui Province, and two primary-discipline Master’s programs: biology and biomedical engineering. Cell biology is a provincial Fine-designed Course and the key discipline of the university.

The school has staff of 31, including 3 professors, 6 associate professors, of whom 74.1% hold master’s degree or PhD. And there are 360 undergraduate students, and 21 graduate students in the school.

In recent years, the school has undertaken several projects sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China and Natural Science Foundation of Anhui Province respectively, and more than a dozen SCI-cited papers have been published.

The school is actively establishing reasonable personnel training system with outstanding features to adapt to the needs of the society. In addition, the school will commit itself to strengthening and expanding graduate education, speeding up the construction of experimental teaching, vigorously consolidating the building of academic degree program, focusing on technological innovation, strengthening the foreign exchange and improving the level of scientific research.