School of Humanities and Social Science of AHMU

The school of Humanities and Social Science of AHMU was established in October, 2004,originated from the former Department of Social Science. Among twenty-nine faculty members, there are six professors and ten associate professors, of which twenty teachers own Master’s and Ph.D.s degrees. The school has thirteen Master's supervisors, one backup candidate for Provincial Academic and Technological Young Leading Researcher, two Young Backbone Teachers of Anhui Provincial Colleges and universities and one outstanding theorist in Anhui Province. Moreover, there are three provincial outstanding teachers, one provincial excellent teacher of Thoughts and Politics courses and three outstanding moralists in Anhui Province.

School of Humanities and Social Science consists of Department of Marxist Theory, Department of Ideology Education, Department of Medical Humanity and Department of Law, with three master’s degree programs for Philosophy of Science and Technology, Marxism research in China, Education in Ideology and Politics and one undergraduate major for Medical Law. Currently, the school has established one research center for Marxism and Medical Humanity, one university key discipline for Marxism research in China, In addition and one university key supportive discipline for Philosophy of Science and Technology. Besides, the school is also the affiliated unit for Anhui Marxism Institute.

School of Humanities and Social Science undertakes the teaching task for Thoughts and Politics courses and selective courses of Humanity science. It centers on teaching work, actively advances teaching reform, and steadily promotes the teaching quality. In recent three years, the faculty has undertaken more than 20 national and provincial research projects, published more than ten academic works and textbooks and more than 200 academic papers. The school has been awarded many prizes such as provincial social science award, provincial outstanding award for humanity social science research and excellent teaching achievements award in Anhui Province.