First School of Clinical Medicine

The First School of Clinical Medicine has deep and rich roots in medical education which date back to the time when our university was established in1926. In its 80-year history, it has kept evolving with the development of our university and was once named the Medical Department of Shanghai Southeast Medical College, the Medical Department of Anhui Medical College and No.1 Medical Department of Anhui Medical University and now it officially takes the name of the First School of Clinical Medicine.

The School offers 8 programs such as clinical medicine for 7-year-  students (education combined bachelor’s and master’s degree), clinical medicine for 5-year-students, rehabilitation medicine, cosmetic medicine, medical psychology, mental health, clinical laboratory medicine as well as medical image science and anesthesiology. It has 5000 students learning here. In addition to the Department of Clinical Medicine, which is attached to the first affiliated hospital, the other three teaching and research departments are general surgery, examination diagnostics and physical diagnostics. The school has two special branches taking care of students’ affairs.

Our commitment to excellent work is evidenced by the fact that we have secured our place on the honors of Outstanding Collective of Students’ Employment and Outstanding Collective of Students’ Security of our university.  We have altogether 32 faculty members, 4 of whom are of senior title, 5 of middle title and 23 of primary title. Over 90% of the staff have master’s degree or are studying for the master’s degree. In addition, the ideological research is encouraged in the school. In recent years, we have gained 4 provincial research projects and research projects sponsored by our university.